Collection: Wild Caught Fish

We offer three types of sustainably wild-caught fish. Our whole freeze-dried sardines are a unique nutrient-dense treat perfect for dogs and adventurous cats. Sardines are wild caught in the Gulf of Mexico, and freeze-dried raw to lock in taste and nutrients.

Our smelt are wild-caught in Lake Erie. Rainbow smelt are not native to the Great Lakes, and compete with native species for food and space. Sustainable fishing helps keep their population in check. Smelt are rich in fatty acids, and are perfect bite sized treats for dogs and cats alike. 

Perhaps our most sustainable treat is made with invasive Asian Carp. Four species of Asian Carp were introduced to the United States in the 1970s to help control algae on aquatic farms. Unfortunately, the carp escaped and have since wreaked havoc on countless ecosystems. Asian carp out compete local species, decrease water quality, and have even caused serious injury to people while leaping out of the water to escape threats. We've partnered with a Kentucky fishery to work towards a solution, tasty treats for dogs and cats! Carp are wild caught in the Mississippi River and are an excellent source of protein and Omega Fatty Acids. 

Smelt, sardines, and carp are all low mercury fish. 

Wild Caught Fish