Better for your pet, better for our planet.

Wild Nosh Pets is a passionate Colorado-based company dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs and cats by providing the most nutritious, single-protein treats available – all while championing small farms, regenerative agriculture, and the environment.

With nearly two decades of experience in the pet industry, and as animal and environmental advocates, we grew tired of wasteful packaging and questionable sourcing practices. We knew it was time for a change. 

In 2018, the seeds of Wild Nosh were sown (originally named Beast Feast) as we began brainstorming and experimenting with our vision. However, life's twists and turns, including the COVID-19 pandemic, slowed our progress. In 2022, we regrouped and redoubled our efforts, driven by a deep commitment to creating a truly sustainable pet treat brand.

At Wild Nosh, our commitment extends beyond just providing your pets with delicious, healthy treats. We collaborate with small family farms and regenerative ranches to source the most ethically produced meat products available. We know that meat has a significant impact on the environment, but we also know that dogs and cats are carnivores and thrive on a meat-based diet. That's why we're dedicated to sourcing the most sustainably raised livestock, and only using the parts that aren't as appetizing to humans, including organs, skins, and snouts. By utilizing every part of the animal, we are able to provide meaningful, nutritious treats with a minimal environmental impact.

  • Natalie - Owner

    Natalie’s love for animals goes back to her childhood when every photo of her included at least one cat. This devotion to animals and their wellbeing has led her on a life-long quest to understand animal nutrition and share that knowledge with others in order to become better guardians for our pets. Natalie's experience starting her own natural pet food store, The Happy Beast, lead her to become increasingly frustrated with the lack of truly sustainable options in the pet industry. The idea of creating a line of natural treats, foods, and supplements that focus on ethically sourced ingredients and minimal packaging waste lead to the creation of Wild Nosh.

  • Kayson - Sourcing and Sustainability

    Kayson has spent his entire life surrounded by animals. Growing up on a small farm, he got his first job caring for the animals at a veterinary clinic when he was fifteen years old. Since then he has pursued his passion for learning about and caring for animals of all kinds by working at zoos, aquariums, and animal shelters. He's used his background in agriculture to find farms and ranches that meet our standards for quality and animal welfare. Kayson is also constantly researching the latest in sustainability, and making sure that we're staying true to our commitment to be a truly sustainable company that doesn't compromise for the sake of cost or convenience.

  • Christine

    Christine has loved animals since she was a little girl. She grew up around all kinds of pets including dogs, cats, gerbils and even horses. She has been sharing her passion and knowledge of pet nutrition and wellness with others for over 10 years and is leading the charge on creating Wild Nosh's future line of supplements and wellness products in reusable containers. Christine also studied graphic design, and lends her creative eye to all of our product designs and labels.

  • Mandy

    Mandy has had a passion for owning and caring for animals since childhood. From horses, birds and lizards to dogs, cats, and guinea pigs, she loves them all! While living the “military life” in Southern California, Mandy took on a part-time job at a natural pet supply store and the rest is history! Mandy contributes her years of experience at multiple natural pet food stores to create eye-catching product displays, she's our merchandising expert!

  • Sarah

    Sarah was one of the original minds behind Wild Nosh when it was just the start of an idea. She experimented with our very first treats, and helped us expand to where we are today. Sarah's stepped back to spend more time with her family, and especially her dogs, but she still helps make treats from time to time. You can also find her hand made gourmet dog biscuits at Sarah's Biscuit Company.