Collection: Chews & Treats for Dogs

Dogs are man's best friend, and that's how they should be treated! All of our treats are single ingredient and meat based. You might hear conflicting information about dogs, and claims that they are omnivores because they can digest carbohydrates. The reality is that dogs are facultative carnivores, meaning that unlike our obligate carnivorous feline friends, dogs can digest carbs when needed to survive. To us, survive doesn't equal thrive, so we focus on all meat treats to keep our canine companions happy and healthy. We also know that meat consumption is a major contributor to environmental issues when it isn't produced ethically. That's why we strive to source regeneratively raised livestock, and utilize less savory cuts like tracheas and kidneys that might otherwise go to waste. Now you can spoil you best friend guilt free!
Chews & Treats for Dogs