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Wild Nosh Pets

Custom Curated Sample Bag

Custom Curated Sample Bag

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Not sure where to start? Try out our custom curated sample bag! Simply add the bag to your cart, complete your order, and then shoot us an email at orders with your name and order number. Let us know as much about your pet, or pets, as possible. There's no such thing as too much information, but at the very least please let us know the type of pet (dog or cat), their age, their size, any health conditions or allergies, and their experience with natural treats and chews.

We'll use the information to create the perfect mix of products for your furry friend to try out, and include a coupon for your next order.


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Customer Reviews

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Kit C.
Our Cats LOVE Wild Nosh (Beast Feast)!!!

I found Wild Nosh while looking for affordable chews that would be strong enough to entertain our chewing-obsessed cats and would also safe for them to them to eat when they inevitably chewed off pieces. I was so so thrilled to find wild nosh because the freeze dried and dehydrated meat products were exactly what I was looking for at an EXTREMELY good price, and on top of that, WNs openness about their values and the sources of their products is something I was super excited to support!

I got the custom curated sample bag because I wasn't sure exactly what to get for my cats and $25 was a good price for my budget, and I'm VERY happy with my purchase. The sample bag showed up really quickly and my cats have loved literally everything they've tried! In my email I had asked for no fish, and for items on the tougher side for my cats to chew on and Wild Nosh sent us a great variety of stuff that fit exactly what I was asking for! Our sample bag had pheasant, chicken, and duck feet & necks, duck hearts, chicken gizzards, bison tendons, chicken crispers, and rabbit ears. Our cats' favorite chews so far have been the chicken feet and the bison achilles tendons, which they will chew consistently for over an hour, but even the less durable treats like the duck hearts entertains the cats for a good 15-20 minutes!

My boyfriend and I have both worked in food industries (grocery and restaurant) and it makes us super happy to see a business find such an effective use for meat products that we have seen go to waste so many times like organs and tendons that also celebrates the unique features of those meats rather than just grinding them up. That wild nosh has the integrity to do this AND partner with sustainable ranches and farms AND to educate about the ethics and values behind those partnerships openly on their website is so incredibly refreshing to see. We love you Wild Nosh!!! Thank you for doing what you're doing!

My cats loved them

My cats loved them ! They love them so much that they got into their treat table where I have left them and at them all !

Absolute Hit!

Nico went crazy for it!
Found out his favorite from the whole treat bag was the half bison flexor tendon. I wish I grabbed a picture of him gobbling it all up, but he would take it everywhere he goes! The owner’s write what each treat provided comes in the bag & even gave me a free sample! Told them what my needs were (something to keep him occupied while I’m not home) & they gave me nice durable chews that’ll keep him busy! Going to see what he’s in love with next before placing specific orders!

Lani’s Bag of Surprises

Who doesn’t love a bag full of surprises? We fell in love with Beast Feast because of their curated sample bag! Beast Feast put together the perfect custom selection of treats and chews for my six-month old lab, Lani. This was a great way to sample a variety of treats and chews, hand-picked just for her, based on age, size and food preferences. The curated sample bag has a very personalized feel and the canvas tote in which it’s packaged is simply adorable! Our bag contained several large chews and several bags of treats which also makes it an outstanding value! We’ve already re-ordered some of her favorites! I love that Beast Feast treats and chews are all-natural and sustainably sourced! I trust Beast Feast to choose Lani’s treats and chews any day without reservation. This is a great place to start if you can’t decide what to order and just want to try a variety! These also make perfect gifts for new dog owners and for special occasions! Highly, highly recommended!

Karen selinger

My cat throws up (pink) whenever I give her any of these