Collection: Bison

Bison are North America's largest land mammal and a keystone species for the grasslands and prairies where up to 100 million bison once roamed. By the late 1880's fewer than 1,000 bison existed. Thanks to the efforts of conservation organizations, Native American tribes, and ranchers the population of bison in North America is steadily increasing . Unlike cattle, bison graze selectively and act as natural seed dispersers for native plants. Their hooves aerate the soil and their wallows create watering holes for smaller animals. Birds even use their hair to build nests and their dung as camouflage.

When you purchase Wild Nosh bison products you're supporting bison ranchers who are grazing bison on the prairies and grasslands they historically roamed throughout the American West. All of the ranchers we source from practice rotational grazing, and a few even practice stress-free field harvest. Bison treats and chews are great for dogs and cats with food allergies or sensitivities to more common proteins like beef and chicken.

Bison standing on the prairie at sunset.