Our Standards

Our commitment is not only to the animals with whom we've been entrusted to be guardians to, but also to the livestock who provide our treats, and the planet we all share. When you buy Wild Nosh pet treats you can know that you're getting the highest quality, hand cut treats that are minimally processed in small batches. Our treats are all:

  • Biologically appropriate. Dogs and cats are carnivores, and cat's especially need meat to survive. All of our treats are single protein, without any added fillers or preservatives. 
  • Humanely raised. We work hard to source the most ethical meat we possibly can, from heritage chicken to field harvested bison.
  • Minimally processed. All of our treats are either freeze-dried raw or slowly dehydrated, preserving essential nutrients.
  • Plastic free. All of our products are packaged in recycled paper bags, and shipped in reused boxes. Once your treats arrive everything is either recyclable or compostable. When raw materials come to us in plastic we do our best to reuse it, or recycle it as a last resort.