Collection: Chicken

99% of the chicken raised in the United States is raised in large warehouse-like "barns", housing 20,000 other birds, each allotted less than a square foot of space. They spend their entire short life, approximately 12-20 weeks, in these cramped conditions and never see the light of day. This includes chickens labeled "cage-free" and "free-range", meaningless terms that are used because the chickens aren't kept in cages and are free to range around their square foot of space. Sourcing ethically raised chicken proved one of our biggest challenges, but we're happy to offer some of the highest quality chicken treats available anywhere. 

Our chicken products come primarily from heritage breeds that are slower growing and are allowed to scratch the dirt, feel the sun, and chase bugs like chickens are supposed to. We're happy to announce that 60% of our chicken products are fully compliant with the standards set forth by The Better Chicken Commitment and 100% of our products meet the requirements for space, enrichment, litter quality, and lighting. We've been recognized by the ASPCA and Compassion in World Farming for our commitment to farm animal welfare.