Our Ranch & Farm Partners

We're proud to work with farms, ranches, and fisheries who share our values and commitment to animals and the environment. Wild Nosh was founded on the principles of improving animal welfare, minimizing our environmental impact, and sourcing our treats transparently. Supporting sustainable farming is better for the animals, better for the farmer, better for our pets, and better for the planet.
  • The Honest Bison

    We're excited to work with The Honest Bison as one of our primary bison partners. With Ranches in South Dakota and Wisconsin, The Honest Bison is dedicated to both the welfare of the animals they raise and the environment. They're third party verified GAP Level 4, Audubon Certified, American Grass fed Association Certified, and certified regenerative by the American Savory Institute.

  • Pitman Farms

    Better known by their products brand, Mary's Chicken or Mary's Turkey, most of our poultry products come from Pitman Farms. The Pitman's have been raising poultry better for three generations. The chicken products we use are certified GAP Level 4, and are from slow growing, heritage breeds that are raised on pasture. The turkeys are certified organic, and free ranged with more than four times the space of conventionally raised turkeys.

  • Heritage Foods

    Heritage Foods works with a coalition of small farmers to preserve endangered heritage breeds of livestock and provide people with healthy, pasture raised meats. We're happy to partner with them to fulfill their "snout to tail" policy and make sure that nothing goes to waste. Most of our pork products come from them, sourced from a handful of small family farms in the Midwest who are dedicated to raising pigs the way their forefathers did, outdoors with room to forage.

  • Corner Post Meats

    Corner Post Meats was our very first partner ranch and we're grateful we found them when we did. While they aren't operating at the moment, they stocked us up with pastured chicken livers, forested pork, and the only beef treats we make, Audubon Certified beef liver.

  • Rock River Ranches

    Rock River Ranches, based in Eastern Colorado, was our first bison partner. Rock River's bison are rotationally grazed in Wyoming and Colorado, and are the source of most of our bones and organ treats. You can stop by our sister store, The Happy Beast, to treat your pooch to fresh raw bison bones from Rock River.

  • Two Rivers Fisheries

    Based in Kentucky, Two Rivers Fisheries is working to tackle the enormous problem of invasive Asian Carp. With no natural predators, carp have taken over local ecosystems and are headed to the Great Lakes. Two Rivers fishes the Mississippi River and neighboring lakes to provide us wild-caught carp for our crispers and skin rolls.

  • Northstar Bison

    Northstar Bison raises grass finished and field-harvested bison in Wisconsin. Depending on availability our tendon chews, bison broth, tripe, and bison snouts come from Northstar.

  • US Wellness Meats

    US Wellness Meats is a collaboration of small, pasture focused farms dedicated to raising livestock the natural way. Many of our pork and chicken products come from US Wellness Meats.

  • Wild Idea Buffalo

    Wild Idea Buffalo is a South Dakota bison ranch dedicated to regenerative ranching. All of their bison are field-harvested and spend their entire lives on pasture. Our most popular tendon chews come from Wild Idea.

  • Blue Ridge Rabbit Meat Co.

    Blue Ridge Rabbit Meat Co. has been raising rabbits for the restaurant industry for nearly 20 years. Based in South Carolina, the Waddell family operates a closed herd of rabbits that spend their entire lives on the farm. They're committed to raising their rabbits in as humane and stress free manner as possible, and we're happy to use the parts that might otherwise go to waste.